Reforming by Experiences .

Gogi was the leader of class 2nd of his school . He had 2 brothers & one sister namely Goshi, Goti and Goli. Their father ,a rich businessman, Gautam had a deep worry. All the three kids were fools&full of arrogance.
One day their father, Gautam, called all his friends and relations for consultation. One friend suggested to appoint Surya as the counselling instructor for his children. Surya was known to be a genius in theory and practice of child pscychology .
Acting on the suggestion, Gautam  requested Surya to accept the three children as his students and teach them the ways of the world. Surya however, realised that it was more difficult than he had thought to teach&reform his new students through conventional means.

Therefore he decided to pass on wisdom to them in the form of experiences.


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