Teaching Through Experiences-contd.

Doctor Trish lived in a city with his wife Tanu  and a helper couple. His wife delivered a son at the same time his helper`s wife Sani ,also,gave birth to a male child. The doctor`s son Venus and helper`s  Sonu  grew together in that house as friends.Doctor admitted Sonu to the same school as that of his own son. Yet Tanu never left her son  Venus alone with Sani & her son because she did not trust them, fearing that they would some day harm her son. The Doctor`s  son was his parent’s darling. 

One day, leaving for the town to see her parents, the Doctor’s wife told her husband to keep a watch on their son. Soon, Doctor had to go for an emergency operation. He instructed both the boys to watch themselves.

As soon as the Doctor left the two bys started playing in the Drawing room.A Gunman slowly entered the house. Fearing danger to the son of the Doctor, Sonu attacked the Gunman from behind with his cricket bat.The Gunman fell on the ground. Hearing the footfalls of his Doctor father, Sonu, with his 

head smeared by blood, went to greet him. When the father saw his helper`s son with his head oozing blood, thought  what had happened. The Doctor entered the house and found that his child was safe  and also a gunman was laying unconscious in a pool of blood on the floor. Both the boys clung to Doctor who in turn patted them for their bravery.The police took that gunman to the prison.When Doctors wife returned home she found Sani cleaning blood from the floor of drawingroom.TheWithout a second thought, she started shouting at her and started dragging her out of the house.Sani got injured as a result. On hearing noise the Doctor came out and told his wife the whole episode. The woman was struck by grief that she had hit her faithful Sani who treated Venus as her own son.But the helper couple and their son took this very seriously and left the household of Doctor.That day Surya had to take  his father to Doctor Trish for medical checkup. Goshi,Goti andGoli had,also, to go for a vaccination.When they reached Doctor`s clinic they found his helpers missing.When Surya asked the Doctor about them.He narrated Surya the whole story.

Surya`s father said,”One who does things without discretion regrets his action like Doctor’s wife”.


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