Kids Being Kids

When a sudden unexplained aversion to wanting to go to school is the first sign of bullying.As a parent we need to analytical attention to the problems of kids and help them in solving the problem. If you ignore it, your child could at the least suffer lower self-esteem, poor grades, little self-confidence and a future of the same. God forbid your child could be physically or mentally hurt, or could even loose life.

Broken Masterpiece

These days everyone feels pressure, including kids. Their latest battle has been the fight against bullying. The need and want to fit in. I have seven nieces and I equally worry about each of them. I worry how they will respond to pressure. I question which side of the fence they will be on.

For about 5 hours, my nieces eased my mind. Those 5 hours were the best 5 hours of my day. I watched them just enjoy being kids. The running around, the laughing, the smiling; just pure genuine happiness. As I looked on I kept thinking to myself, “this is what being a kid should look like”.

No kid should have to worry about their next meal. No kid should feel unloved. No kid should worry about where they will sleep when the night falls. Kids should be able to  enjoy the freedom of being a kid…

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