Strategic plan -One month of self-evaluation, review and planning.



An overview of the blogging community.


This month  we will be setting our blog’s strategic direction for the next one month.  Our primary goal is to provide an excellent blog for every  reader.To do this we will evaluate our progress to date and plan a strategy that is critical to our blog’s continued success – improving language, reader`s taste and successful  traffic and pathways for our future blogs.The Focus

The planning of the strategic direction for the blog will be guided by the following queries:

   • What upshots did our blog aim to achieve?

   • What results did we achieve?

    • Why did we succeed / not succeed  in perfections?

  •  Reader Reviews?
  • How effectively did we manage our resources to?
  • support the achievement of Reader  traffic ;Reviews?
  •  What can we do in the future to continue for perfections? 

Readers Involved :

Social networking sites,Blogger sites, readers,reviews and traffic will work  together over the course of one month to set the strategic directions for our blog.

The Process

Blog self-evaluation provides an opportunity for  our blogger community to reflect on our achievements, our strengths, and areas where perfection is needed.  After we have completed our self-evaluation of a blog theme, we have to evaluate the writing style ,external reviewer`s report who offer independent and expert advice on our progress in perfection in blog themes,language and attractions. With the experience of readers reviews and knowledge of international best practice of blogging  they will be able to help identify the most effective strategies for us to continue to improve in future blogging 

The self-evaluation and the review provide a powerful information base from which we can

develop our new strategic directions for the next month strategic plan for our blogging scenes and needs. 

We will:

Evaluate the blogl’s core purpose and values.

 Take a ‘futures perspective’ of the needs of   readers and emerging trends in  the context

of our blog.

Correspond to the outcomes we are determined  to achieve for our readers.

Pick the few  key  strategies for writing  on a topic that are critical to our blog`s success.

 Blogging is collaboration in effect, between bloggers, readers, reviewers, blogging sites  and  cyber community

Blog is a shared vision  effort by calling global community  to come together to read, squeeze and enjoy  the information  about the things that are important to them and in turn get paid.





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