Say bye to New Year Resolution

I wonder how people talk about “New Year Resolution”.Is it not a mere piece of news or material for creating a sensation in a blog or an article to define the concept.Be frank enough to confess the reality.For some New Year itself is a resolution,then why to waste time in making a resolution.For others it is a routine matter to put something on paper or system apps as a matter of fashion or precedence.

Whether it is your personal,family or work resolution,the resolution remains there but changes override the original stuff.Plans or precictions or forecasts are never or ever perfect.This earth is moving,universe is changing and nothing remains there.Life comes and goes and likewise New Year comes and goes leaving behind memories .Why do we call it resolution?why don`t we call it struggle to adapt to the changes coming forth.

On New Year eve we drink more with a promise to drink less,eat healthy,abstain from bad things;but that is never done practically.For one thing we are particular,to drink,eat and dance on New Year eve.

So let us start New Year without a resolution but ith a solution to our daily problems.

Bye Resolution.