Hempel, the Eco-Friendly paints Guru


Hempel, a name is good enough in the worldwide market around the globe in terms of painting need’s. They captured the market and set their own strategy to enhance the human’s life luxurious things. No doubt, since its launch in 1915, they are now just behind with 2 years to achieve the land-mark of 100 years. And, in this time frame, they have completed so many projects for their client’s requirements from time to time. This is happened; just because of expertise in this field and as we are aware that experience automatically added an advantage into their bucket. More details can be assessed on

Eco-friendly Industrial Coatings and Paints

As of now, the company specifically deals in: Industrial Coatings and Eco-Friendly Paints. Yes, of course, some other products of this company are also available for using purpose. But, this kind of new trends is really admirable and adopted by anyone across the world. As we know that, paint can change the home decoration very well. And, when it comes to Hempel eco-friendly paints, then it really matters a lot. This product is very easy-to-use and anyone can apply in their own home for best results instantly. It is very effective and competitive to meet with any geographical and environmental conditions of any home. For a healthier living, eco-friendly wall paints bring better satisfaction level instead of any wall paint.

Eco-friendly wall Paints

To avoid the disease like: Allergies and Asthma, please adopt the new eco-friendly wall paints right away. In most of the cases, an old person who is suffering from the above disease definitely gets attracted with the temperature of heating and cooling of any room which is painted by any normal wall paint. And, by this, someone gets too much tension to what to do or not what to do. And, that is the only reason, environmental friendly paints always come first whenever and wherever painting needs occur.

Home Designing Paint

Well, apart from the home designing paint, the company also having some keen interest to cover – bridges, ships, power stations with the eco-friendly paints and industrial coatings. Basically, they are coming with the new solutions every time for a better prospectus for every individual. If you are able to conserve the most precious two things: water and energy, then you can rock the world. But, it is very hard to achieve this task. But, by adopting new trends which is coming by Hempel, you can surely put your contribution to reduce pollution level which is impacting our health day-by-day. Saving some natural resources definitely put you in a safer place for the better tomorrow. You can view the more content on

Re-cycled Products

Of course, re-cycled products are always in demand from time to time. Especially for child, they are very much attracted with the new vibrant and different colors of walls. No doubt, every Eco-friendly home is designed in a way that creates energy efficiency as well as reduces rain water problem. These kind of long term products are really good for a longer life. But, be very careful to choose the correct Eco-friendly paint because most of the chemical paint companies not offering the “natural paints” but also offering the ‘harmful-gases and chemicals’ which is coming with the paints. And, by mistake, if you already done white-wash with these kind of harmful paints, then definitely you need to compromise with your body parts, especially: eyes and breath.

As we are aware about the fact that environmental issues is growing rapidly across the world. It is totally depend on us to how to resolve this concern as per our best techniques and developments available. And, we are so much thankful to the Hempel who always stand for commitment to the consumer.


Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning—–emerged trend.


Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners 

Dry cleaning has all the time been an accepted practice of cleaning expensive clothes. The essential component in old-fashioned dry cleaning is pungent smelling chemical called tetra-chloro ethylene which is carcinogenic. It pollutes the environment as its structure is resilient to dissolving it when it gets dribbled or freed into the sewage structures in the populated areas. It is a big menace in the U.S.A. It affects the stratosphere of ozone layer and causes global warming. This chemical is a health hazard .The most knotty and challenging dry cleaning procedure is the use of chlorinated hydrocarbon contained in Perc which makes air toxic and contaminated.

The eco-scientists have found five eco-friendly alternatives to this outdated dry cleaning process. The eco-sensitivity of consumers have selected and elected the recent natural and organic solvents for dry cleaning treatments.



1) Choose a Perc-free Drycleaner 

Explore a dry cleaner who deals in Perc-free dry cleaning agents. This chlorinated hydrocarbon is responsible for many health problems such as headaches, dizziness, throat sore or eye sore. So eco-friendly consumers prefer eco-friendly detergents.

Currently, one can find three well-liked and tried substitutes for the traditional tetra-chloro-ethylene dry cleaning solvent.

  1. Liquid carbon dioxide manipulated with high-pressure cleaning process.
  2. Green -Earth cleaning managed by silicone-based cleaners.
  3. Wet-washing procedure which is regulated accurately by high-tech Computers.

 Out of these, the liquid Carbon dioxide procedure of dry-cleaning has reportedly found much acceptance due to its better performance and results by the consumers. It does not produce any pollutants in the atmosphere and neither does it affect adversely on the health of consumers.

 The second position or second most preferred dry-cleaning method out of the above three is silicon based Green Earth process. It has a chain of affiliate dry-cleaners in every big city. Green dry cleaning solution is a pure liquid silicon or liquefied sand which has no toxic effects and no environmental or health hazards. It does not release any toxic scum when released in the atmosphere. It does not affect skin or organs of the consumers or dry cleaners. It is the perfect dry cleaning for delicate.


2) Count on dry cleaning at home

There are some dry cleaning tools available in the market and are  manufactured by Procter &Gamble or Clorox by the name of Dryel or Fresh care respectively. These cleaning kits are definitely not free from chemicals but they do not contain perc. However, such readymade kits cannot give same cleaning results as that of the professional dry cleaners, but are good substitutes in places where eco-friendly cleansing agent are not available.


 3) Decide on a high-tech washing machine 

These days the high-tech washing machines with placid spins are often available and suitable for the delicate clothes which can be hand washed. The front-loading washing machine is the best option for the purpose. Such a kind of washers uses less water and less detergent than the standard brands. They save much money on laundering the fine clothes which will compensate the cost paid for the purchase of this washer originally.

4) Use Steam to get rid of dirt and smells 

When you want to save time and energy it is better to steam away all dirty things in the dryer of the washer. Better, put fine clothes or things covered with a damp white towel and a sachet full of good scent in the dryer for freshness and sparkle. Put the washer in a normal timed cycle for cleaning.

 5) Reassess your cupboard

The prudent way to lessen pollution caused by dry cleaning is to buy clothes which require no dry cleaning. Buy such stuff of fabrics which has cleaning care instructions labelled on it or which require little care.

The environment friendly cleaning demands clean and pollution free environment.

Details can be viewed on http://www.cleanindiajournal.com/laundry-solutions-environment