Adorn your blog with a good number of entertaining words.

It is not length but a good number of entertaining words that boost traffic to your blog
Blogging is done with tools of knowledge, research and skill. The main skill involved is the free expression of thoughts in a unique way with a pleasant number of words. It is not too many words but good number of acceptable verdicts tie readers to your blog.
Rhythm is more important than number.
The rhythm, their arrangement and number of words in a blog are essential for Search Engine Optimization.
There are no hard and fast rules for limiting or increasing the length of a post. The latest updating of Google Index Algorithm has given rise to a trend of lengthy posts.
The length of a blog post is a crucial SEO technique to be recognized and adhered to. The latest algorithm of Google focuses on larger lengths of posts with original content. The length of a post is best determined by the writing style, audience, and category
The Search Engines have a tendency to look for quality rather than the quantity of the content. Too much content frustrates and bores viewers. The average blog post with 600 to 700 words with originality find the attention of most of the visitors and is SEO savvy. There are diverse views on the ideal length of a blog post. But as a matter of prudence almost all bloggers limit the minimum length of their post at more than 500 words spun in entertaining words.
Design of a blog post length.
It may be as short as 300 to 500 words or as long as more than 1000 words. The length of a blog post varies from the niche on which you are writing a blog.
There are different approaches for different niches of blogs. But most people actually prefer to have a post that goes in depth about a subject under discussion. This enables viewers to scan the post completely and read those parts that appeal them. The value of words is judged by the entertaining words it offers in each paragraph.
The length of a blog post should not compromise with any of the following points
Quality of content that repeats visitors to your blog
Give readers something new and unique but interesting
Write in simple and readable language. Readers like simple and easy style of writing which they can grasp readily without wastage of time.
Provide a link to the connected blogs
Keep short paragraphs with entertaining words.
Decorate your blog with interesting and good images or videos.
Malleable rules
Like any other discipline, blog writing has a few flexible guidelines for writing it in the best possible way. The length of your post is as important as keywords tags and back links. Readers come to blogs as they are readily available online information vehicles. They visit our posts because they are in search of some clue, information or knowledge. The point is keeping our readers woven in the mesh of our blog wordings. Otherwise your blog will lose its identity and readers would isolate you from the blogging community. It is not a blogger but blog readers that give identity to a blog post on Search Engine by reading entertaining words.
Bear in mind that a blog post isn’t an online journal or magazine and viewers are looking for quick information or something that they can browse. If you have an idea you create a topic that you would like to write about.


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