Not an easy job for Obama to reduce social security benefits.

Is Obama a successful legislator? The answer lies in his legislative failures.

His attempt to reduce social security benefits is adding to his unpopularity in the political circles. The elders have started feeling scary about his re-election.

He is not being criticized by Republicans alone, but Democrats have also joined the camp.

Many Democratic senators contesting re-election in 2014 have severed relations with President Barack Obama and are challenging his bid to reduce Social Security paybacks, endangering the austerity scheme called “grand bargain.”

President Obama in his latest budget proposal has made an attempt to cut the cost-of-living of senior Americans.

Democrats have endlessly counted on their agenda of Medicare and Social Security during election years. The chained CPI concept is being opposed by eight out of 14 Democrats contesting re-election in 2014.These senators have openly challenged the Obama`s chained CPI bid. Even, these senators are co-supporters of the resolution against chained CPI.

Among others, Senators Brain Schatz, Al Franken, Jeff Merkley and

 Jack Reed is, also, supporting this resolution.

Senators  contesting re-e lections in blue states and Red states have started supporting this resolution.

The Democratic Sen Tom Harkin held that the sufficient Annual Cost of Living Adjustments are decisive for the millions of Americans who depend on benefits for their living.  He said that the reality is the present pattern of calculation of COLA is too insufficient to cope up with the ever mounting medical expenses.

The Chained CPI will further worsen the condition of Americans by openly reducing benefits. Other Senate Democrats who did not sign the resolution had reservations about the proposal. Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware is pleading for a circle of protection to susceptible Americans.

The most effected class is the senior Americans who are dependent upon the social security benefits for their health care and other demands.

Democratic Senator Begich is introducing two bills. He believes that removing income ceiling and adjusting COLAs to inflation rate may ease out this problem.

He hopes the ceiling will render the program cleaner for the ensuing 75 years. The second bill will relate inflation to those stuffs seniors buy excessively like health care. Disapproval to chained CPI had classically been linked to the progressive Democrats. Lately, conservatives have, also, joined the camp.

Thus, it is not an easy job for Obama to reduce social security benefits. He will have to face strong opposition and fiery debate on the issue.

The warnings of progressive critics at the time Obama included the said clause in his fiscal budget of 2014 were hinting toward both bad politics and bad policy.

Senator Cecil said that he broadly recommends Senators not to recklessly keep up with the President as Obama has not given up any positive hope of a deal.  Obama and his associates have started feeling isolated on the issue.



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