Know your computer mouse


Like a human hand, a Mouse interacts with icons on your computer screen. It is a tool which opens, moves, adds or deletes objects from your computer screen simply by pointing and clicking on that object.

A mouse commonly has a main button or the left button and a subordinate button or the right button. The main button is used most frequently.

Some kinds of mouse may have a scroll wheel for easy scrolling of documents and web pages. This scroll wheel acts as a third button.

However, Cutting-edge mice have extra buttons that can carry out other functions.

Keep your mouse close to your keyboard on a mouse pad. Remember to hold your mouse softly and slide it gently in any direction.

Hold the front of the mouse focused away from you. Once you move the mouse, an image on the computer screen moves in the same direction.

Mouse may act as a pointing device or a clicking tool or a dragging gadget.

Pointing Device:

 Once you press the main button, most of the mice function as pointers.

A pointer appears on the screen while aiming at an icon. A small box immediately appears on the screen giving the details of the item or icon.

This pointer may take the shape of an arrow or a hand with a finger. When you point to an item it takes the shape of an arrow and when you aim at a web browser it assumes the shape of a hand with pointed finger.

Clicking your mouse:

The clicking may either be right-clicking, single clicking or double-clicking

Single Clicking or left clicking is to select an item or unlock a set menu by pressing the main button of the mouse.

Double-clicking is to unlock icons such as a folder or a program on the desktop screen of the computer. It involves two clicks without a gap.

Right-clicking an item usually exhibits a register of workings such as opening, deleting or displaying properties you can do with any item.

Mouse features dragging.

Just point to the item on the computer screen, push and control the main button of the mouse and shift the item to a new place on the Computer screen. You can shift windows or icons or files or folder to other locations.

Scroll Wheel

This scroll wheel acts as a third button. It is for easy scrolling of documents and web pages. You can move up or down your web pages.

There is a facility to adjust mouse settings to your mood.



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