Learn how to Boost Your Traffic without Google

Learn how to Boost Your Traffic without Google

1. Face book.com

Everyone realizes that the Face book is the top most social networking site and has a big portfolio of users across the world.

It can direct more targeted visitors to your blog and business page.

What you need to do as a blogger is:

1. Build a business page.

2. Keep track of daily updates.

3. Interact with your viewers.

4. Insert it in your blog.

5. Create a Face book group page to have extended interaction.

6. Increase your brand awareness.

The personal touch of Face book interactions is more reliable than mechanical interaction of Google.

2. Twitter.com

It is the best site to get referral traffic

1. Learn to post your tweets when everyone is online.

2. Make Use of apps to protect and schedule your tweets.

3. Use apps to prioritize your tweet posts.

3. YouTube.com

It is a feature of Google but can magnetize more targeted traffic to your blog or site.

1. Learn to upload videos displaying Tips and How to Review YouTube to generate traffic of choice.

2. Better embed your blog site URL in the description of video.

3. Embed blog URL and name in every video. This will entice viewers about your blog or site.

4. Share videos on your blogging site

4 pinterest.com

This social networking site works meritoriously on images.

Try to have attractive and appealing images.

Place a share button of pinterest.com on your blog. .

Join other discussion forums and boards.

Share the pins in these forums.

Better follow other pinterest.com users

But, these tactics can work only provided you share interesting images or pictures relating to your blog.

5. linkedin.com

The social traffic can be easily generated on this site.

1. You need to have an active profile on Linkedin.com.

2. Share your business blog details.

3. Build service relationships with businessmen

4. Building new business links on this site will get you more leads.

6. Guest blogging

Guest posting can increase traffic to your blog. You need to Write on trendy and interesting topics . Try to make your blog content superlative. Always maintain continuity. Network  with readers on the post.  Exchange comments with readers on your post.

7. Commenting

One of the simplest methods to twitch and have relations with readers and viewers is to start commenting on all the admired and accepted blogs in your alcove. This will yank most of the users and readers of that site to your blog mechanically.

Writing unique content is the primary requirement. Draft a well- designed guest post. Insert relevant images or videos.

8. Niche Forums

These forums attract more traffic than Google as you directly interact with readers and consumers in these forums. Involve yourself in forums to boost traffic. Participate regularly to catch leads

9. Hot Topics

It is not as easy as it looks, writing a debatable post on a hot topic will draw heat to your post. Choose a nifty way to write such a post.

Before writing a post on this niche you need to do some homework.

Doing a little bit of research is a wise formula.

Selecting a topic is a trick to appeal audiences.

Supporting your content with solid and available proofs will amplify its significance.

But, leaving a gap in the story may spoil your content

Finally, you can choose between Google and other niches to draw more traffic to your post or site.



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