Teaching Through Experiences-contd.

Once Surya took his three students to a community where Nanu was residing with his mom Tara. Nanu and Goti became friends .Nanu was a poor boy and his mom used to work in a petrol pump.One day,he saw four men throwing a huge iron box near his community.One of them said,”Please,keep this box full of money with you as police is after us” and disappeared in a moment.Surya alongwith his students were watching this incident from their balcolony.Surya told his students to keep mum and watch the scenario attentively.Nanu hurriedly covered that box with a bedsheet and dragged it inside his house.This huge iron box was full of money .He was happy and thought that his mom will not have to work hard to make both ends meetHowever, he was not able to open the lock of the box and was circling around the box when a Postman came that way. Nanu humbly greeted the postman and said, “Sir, please help me to open this box.” 

The Postman  said, “You know my friend, I can not touch anything in your house. You may wait for your mom to come.” And the Postman left the place. After the postman had left, a neighbour came on the scene. Nanu thought, “  How do I escape this fellow? He will not yield to any tactics I know. The only way of keeping him away is scheming. Let me try it.” 
Nanu then went half way to greet the neighbour and said, “O uncle, why are you coming at this time? My mom is not at home and has asked me to keep watch on this box. She has gone to office. Before going, she told me to inform you to come here at 6p.m.” 
These words frightened the neighbour. He told Nanu, “Son, when your mom comes, don’t tell her I had come this way. Please.” 
On receiving an assurance from Nanu, the neighbour hurriedly left the scene. Then came a carpenter.

Nanu thought, “This fellow is strong and has tools. I will persuade him to pierce the sheet of the box”. Addressing the carpenter, Nanu said, “Uncle, you have come this way after a long time. You seem to be thirsty. Why don’t you be my guest and have some water to drink before my mom returns.”And he offered him a glass of water.

Nanu said,”Uncle please,come in and help me in opening this box.”

The Carpenter said, “ Kid, how can I accept your invitation. You are alone at home .If I want to serve here long I should not touch this box. I will leave now.” Nanu assured him, “Don’t worry, you go ahead. I will alert you when anyone comes.” 
The carpenter then began hitting the box and when he broke the lock Nanu cried, “ Run. The guard is coming.” In this way, Nanu managed to get rid of the carpenter, also.
When Nanu began opening that box full of money, another boy Shinu came that way and tried to steal its contents. He was very angry and looked very strong. Nanu remembered the  lines of his mom “crush equals with power” and struck the trespasser boy with great severity and he ran away.

Meanwhile,his mom returned from office and was curious to find an iron box in her house,”Nanu! whose box is this”.Nanu told the whole story to his mom.She immediately rang up police and handed over that box to them.Next day someone rang the doorbell.His mom opened the door and found two police officers.The said,”Good Morning Mam!can we come in?” “Sure”,replied mom.Nanu overheard these dialogues and came on the scene.The police officer greeted Nanu,”Vow Boy you did an amazing job.All the smugglers have been caught and Government has rewarded you with free education and a highly paid job to your mom”.

“Thank God. Nanu is brave,honest and sincere and he has been rewarded.”exclaimed his mom.

Surya told his students that this is the way bravery,honesty and sincerity pays.