Learn how to Boost Your Traffic without Google

Learn how to Boost Your Traffic without Google

1. Face book.com

Everyone realizes that the Face book is the top most social networking site and has a big portfolio of users across the world.

It can direct more targeted visitors to your blog and business page.

What you need to do as a blogger is:

1. Build a business page.

2. Keep track of daily updates.

3. Interact with your viewers.

4. Insert it in your blog.

5. Create a Face book group page to have extended interaction.

6. Increase your brand awareness.

The personal touch of Face book interactions is more reliable than mechanical interaction of Google.

2. Twitter.com

It is the best site to get referral traffic

1. Learn to post your tweets when everyone is online.

2. Make Use of apps to protect and schedule your tweets.

3. Use apps to prioritize your tweet posts.

3. YouTube.com

It is a feature of Google but can magnetize more targeted traffic to your blog or site.

1. Learn to upload videos displaying Tips and How to Review YouTube to generate traffic of choice.

2. Better embed your blog site URL in the description of video.

3. Embed blog URL and name in every video. This will entice viewers about your blog or site.

4. Share videos on your blogging site

4 pinterest.com

This social networking site works meritoriously on images.

Try to have attractive and appealing images.

Place a share button of pinterest.com on your blog. .

Join other discussion forums and boards.

Share the pins in these forums.

Better follow other pinterest.com users

But, these tactics can work only provided you share interesting images or pictures relating to your blog.

5. linkedin.com

The social traffic can be easily generated on this site.

1. You need to have an active profile on Linkedin.com.

2. Share your business blog details.

3. Build service relationships with businessmen

4. Building new business links on this site will get you more leads.

6. Guest blogging

Guest posting can increase traffic to your blog. You need to Write on trendy and interesting topics . Try to make your blog content superlative. Always maintain continuity. Network  with readers on the post.  Exchange comments with readers on your post.

7. Commenting

One of the simplest methods to twitch and have relations with readers and viewers is to start commenting on all the admired and accepted blogs in your alcove. This will yank most of the users and readers of that site to your blog mechanically.

Writing unique content is the primary requirement. Draft a well- designed guest post. Insert relevant images or videos.

8. Niche Forums

These forums attract more traffic than Google as you directly interact with readers and consumers in these forums. Involve yourself in forums to boost traffic. Participate regularly to catch leads

9. Hot Topics

It is not as easy as it looks, writing a debatable post on a hot topic will draw heat to your post. Choose a nifty way to write such a post.

Before writing a post on this niche you need to do some homework.

Doing a little bit of research is a wise formula.

Selecting a topic is a trick to appeal audiences.

Supporting your content with solid and available proofs will amplify its significance.

But, leaving a gap in the story may spoil your content

Finally, you can choose between Google and other niches to draw more traffic to your post or site.


Know your computer mouse


Like a human hand, a Mouse interacts with icons on your computer screen. It is a tool which opens, moves, adds or deletes objects from your computer screen simply by pointing and clicking on that object.

A mouse commonly has a main button or the left button and a subordinate button or the right button. The main button is used most frequently.

Some kinds of mouse may have a scroll wheel for easy scrolling of documents and web pages. This scroll wheel acts as a third button.

However, Cutting-edge mice have extra buttons that can carry out other functions.

Keep your mouse close to your keyboard on a mouse pad. Remember to hold your mouse softly and slide it gently in any direction.

Hold the front of the mouse focused away from you. Once you move the mouse, an image on the computer screen moves in the same direction.

Mouse may act as a pointing device or a clicking tool or a dragging gadget.

Pointing Device:

 Once you press the main button, most of the mice function as pointers.

A pointer appears on the screen while aiming at an icon. A small box immediately appears on the screen giving the details of the item or icon.

This pointer may take the shape of an arrow or a hand with a finger. When you point to an item it takes the shape of an arrow and when you aim at a web browser it assumes the shape of a hand with pointed finger.

Clicking your mouse:

The clicking may either be right-clicking, single clicking or double-clicking

Single Clicking or left clicking is to select an item or unlock a set menu by pressing the main button of the mouse.

Double-clicking is to unlock icons such as a folder or a program on the desktop screen of the computer. It involves two clicks without a gap.

Right-clicking an item usually exhibits a register of workings such as opening, deleting or displaying properties you can do with any item.

Mouse features dragging.

Just point to the item on the computer screen, push and control the main button of the mouse and shift the item to a new place on the Computer screen. You can shift windows or icons or files or folder to other locations.

Scroll Wheel

This scroll wheel acts as a third button. It is for easy scrolling of documents and web pages. You can move up or down your web pages.

There is a facility to adjust mouse settings to your mood.


Super-Fetch is an applet of Microsoft Windows Vista to manage memory

Super-Fetch is an applet of Microsoft Windows Vista to manage memory. It keeps all required files ready before you actually use them.

Windows Vista handles RAM as a cache store.

The reason behind why the amount of free memory in the Physical Memory panel on the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager is a small number is that the Windows Vista does not regard RAM as a resource.

However, under normal conditions, with a few applications running, a user can easily access the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager. Surprisingly, a user will find 10 MB or less free memory in the Physical Memory Panel.

The old Windows X P system with 1 GB of RAM generally would, under related conditions, have not less than 500 MB to 700 MB of free memory Free in the memory sector of the Physical Memory panel.

How Vista uses all of the system’s free memory?

This depicts the performance enhancement called Super-Fetch generated by the windows vista.

Do not get discouraged by seeing little free memory. It is a good sign.

Both the systems have 1GB of RAM, but XP measures in kilobytes and Vista in megabytes.

However, it looks more equal, if you translate both numbers to gigabytes.

But there is surely some variation as Windows XP handles RAM as a reserve to be consumed only when required while as Vista handles RAM as a cache and employs maximum of it no sooner it becomes vacant. This is an attribute of Super-Fetch.

Multi-approach Management.

It involves several different approaches or aspects in its management.

Super-Fetch tracks the applications that you use recurrently. In the course it builds a database and constantly updates it as you work on the system.

Meanwhile, Super Fetch directs Defragmenter to position these applications appropriately on the hard disk for easy loading on memory.

This process scarcely involves any physical movement of the hard disk’s read-write heads. Whenever you turn on your system the Super Fetch pre-loads the frequently used applications into memory.

As a result it loads up frequently used applications very fast from the RAM cache than if it had to be read from the hard disk and loaded into RAM.

Super Fetch has a much higher role to play to keep this system as efficient and effective as possible over time.

RAM is ever changeable with many applications struggling for space simultaneously.

The I/O prioritization technology of Super-Fetch employs marks applications as either a low- or high-priority I/O application.

As a result the Super-Fetch will for the time being place aside a low-primacy I/O application and a high- primacy I/O application takes priority. The Super-Fetch keeps track of the previous priority levels to ensure the system remains vigilant and approachable over the time. In case you are working on an excel sheet, excel is given the top priority

But, once your system is idle the Excel become idle and other backdrop tasks like Defragmenter automatically starts working. Now, Disk Defragmenter takes the high-priority and Excel takes the low-priority

In the process the Super Fetch moves Excel from the RAM to the paging file to create space in the RAM for Disk Defragmenter to do its job.

After the Disk Defragmenter ends, Super-Fetch will reload Excel automatically into RAM and when you get back to work, Excel is as approachable as it before .You have  not to wait for RAM to re-load it.


Not an easy job for Obama to reduce social security benefits.

Is Obama a successful legislator? The answer lies in his legislative failures.

His attempt to reduce social security benefits is adding to his unpopularity in the political circles. The elders have started feeling scary about his re-election.

He is not being criticized by Republicans alone, but Democrats have also joined the camp.

Many Democratic senators contesting re-election in 2014 have severed relations with President Barack Obama and are challenging his bid to reduce Social Security paybacks, endangering the austerity scheme called “grand bargain.”

President Obama in his latest budget proposal has made an attempt to cut the cost-of-living of senior Americans.

Democrats have endlessly counted on their agenda of Medicare and Social Security during election years. The chained CPI concept is being opposed by eight out of 14 Democrats contesting re-election in 2014.These senators have openly challenged the Obama`s chained CPI bid. Even, these senators are co-supporters of the resolution against chained CPI.

Among others, Senators Brain Schatz, Al Franken, Jeff Merkley and

 Jack Reed is, also, supporting this resolution.

Senators  contesting re-e lections in blue states and Red states have started supporting this resolution.

The Democratic Sen Tom Harkin held that the sufficient Annual Cost of Living Adjustments are decisive for the millions of Americans who depend on benefits for their living.  He said that the reality is the present pattern of calculation of COLA is too insufficient to cope up with the ever mounting medical expenses.

The Chained CPI will further worsen the condition of Americans by openly reducing benefits. Other Senate Democrats who did not sign the resolution had reservations about the proposal. Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware is pleading for a circle of protection to susceptible Americans.

The most effected class is the senior Americans who are dependent upon the social security benefits for their health care and other demands.

Democratic Senator Begich is introducing two bills. He believes that removing income ceiling and adjusting COLAs to inflation rate may ease out this problem.

He hopes the ceiling will render the program cleaner for the ensuing 75 years. The second bill will relate inflation to those stuffs seniors buy excessively like health care. Disapproval to chained CPI had classically been linked to the progressive Democrats. Lately, conservatives have, also, joined the camp.

Thus, it is not an easy job for Obama to reduce social security benefits. He will have to face strong opposition and fiery debate on the issue.

The warnings of progressive critics at the time Obama included the said clause in his fiscal budget of 2014 were hinting toward both bad politics and bad policy.

Senator Cecil said that he broadly recommends Senators not to recklessly keep up with the President as Obama has not given up any positive hope of a deal.  Obama and his associates have started feeling isolated on the issue.


Space Surgery may involve gravity problems

This is the space age, and going deep into space can trigger gravity problems. A successful space mission warrants healthy astronauts.
If scientists can explore the Universe, or travel in space or live in space, the scientists can enable astronauts to perform surgeries there, also. The robotic surgery is an established trend in modern surgery and can be performed remotely. However, performing surgery at zero degree gravity requires much more advanced technology.
Prof. Adam Dubrowski, a surgeon of Mount Sinai Hospital is a keen researcher in the area. He is busy in conducting extensive research and simulations to solve this challenge on long space missions.
At present, all astronauts going on board of a spaceship get basic medical training on the ground, and a medical doctor is always there on the board with them. Any medical emergency is treatable on the spaceship itself, and surgery will be done by a remote controlled robot .But such an arrangement is not adequate to deal with the situations which may arise on longer expeditions.
In the deep space with zero gravity the situation is entirely diverse and intricate . Even, the robotic surgery is not possible as the signals from earth will take much longer time to travel to the spaceship.
The researchers are not sure about what will happen to tools, sutures or procedures on zero gravity.
The researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Louisville are busy in creating tools to perform surgery at zero gravity.
According to Prof James Antaki, the surgical procedures at zero gravity will be difficult. In deep space, it will be difficult to control infection of body fluids and blood.
The scientists have developed a safe surgical procedure, wherein the bleeding will be controlled by creating a pressurized aqueous environment within the surgical field, and the wound will be treated as an isolated entity.
The surgery system of Prof Adam Dubrowski is a milestone in this direction.
Initially, the astronauts will be adapted to zero gravity by placing them upside down to feel weightless. Second, zero gravity will be simulated in a colossal swimming pond with the mock-up of the NASA space station , and adjusting the buoyancy of a person by suspending him/her in water. Lastly, the trainee astronauts will be taught basic skills of surgery in parabolic flights, where a plane ascends and descends about 40 times. This movement creates a transient zero-gravity environment on descents.
Prof. Dubrowski has developed a series of simple and involved simulations. He allows his students to make use of skin patches for stitching in surgeries at his Surgical Skills centre. He is making every effort to devise a procedure for successful surgery in space, before the next mission to the moon or Mars takes off.
Meanwhile, the Canadian Space Agency is creating a surgery training etiquette for astronauts and Dubrowski, Gray and Carnahan with the support of Wilson Centre and Surgical Skills Foundation.
Prof. Dubrowski is optimistic about the possibility of surgery in space for longer space missions. He is hopeful that better surgical skills shall be evolved before the manned lunar base on the moon takes off.

Is Online Business Really Obstinate

   Is Online Business Really Obstinate


Making money online from home is not simple or guaranteed.

The stress and the effort in a home based internet marketing business is not a sequel to guaranteed success with one easy solution.

Though, it may be regarded as one of the convenient ways of earning money, but in reality it involves much struggle and effort.

Still, the home based internet marketing business is not exaggeratedly difficult.

Most of the internet business owners with only limited knowledge about the industry can experience the success of home based internet marketing business to some extent

There are many easy and greatest home based internet business strategies which online business vendors can apply to lift their home based business

One of the easy ways to earn online is to participate in business linked message boards. An online business owner can use the Internet as a marketing and profile-raising tool.

These websites or message boards offer a forum for internet consumers. They share or just socialize on a topic.

Online businesses may decide to enrol on message boards which directly relate to their business or the products or services they provide.

It, also, offers real opportunity to the internet business owners to promote their website and increase traffic.

These message boards permit users to place a link to their website.The best policy is to place links and contribute regularly with informative comments on these message boards. The customers will visit your website by clicking the link under your signatures on these message boards.

Alternatively, some message boards may even permit to post such links in the body of the comment.

This type of conversation offers recognition and real publicity to the internet businesses. But, this is not so easy or simple. It requires a prudent and careful review of the guidelines, the terms and the conditions of the service before posting links on these message boards. Adhere to the guidelines and confirm that no violation of the policies of the message board is done.  Otherwise, non-compliance may result in exclusion from the message board or the posts.

The social networking or message board web sites are the most standard and quickest emerging tools for internet business persons. Normally those business men use those social networking sites as their alternative easy ways to make money online.

Another simple, but effective, home based internet marketing business strategy is to hire a consulting firm with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise for achieving high rankings and great traffic.

The concept of SEO can be relatively intricate.

It is not so easy to identify and implement the most effective internet SEO strategies and may take years of involvement and continuous updating. The best option is to hire a reputed SEO firm.

The search engines have a tendency to search the relevant and the best ranking best sites at one click.

Having a quality website with high ranking in search engines is one of the most easy and low cost method to  earn online.

In fact, home based internet marketing business is a full time job.

With the experience and participation you will learn a number of simple and easy ways to earn online.

As there are no magic wands for ensuring weight loss, likewise there are no stress-free methods to earn online.

It needs patience, knowledge and guidance.






Adorn your blog with a good number of entertaining words.

It is not length but a good number of entertaining words that boost traffic to your blog
Blogging is done with tools of knowledge, research and skill. The main skill involved is the free expression of thoughts in a unique way with a pleasant number of words. It is not too many words but good number of acceptable verdicts tie readers to your blog.
Rhythm is more important than number.
The rhythm, their arrangement and number of words in a blog are essential for Search Engine Optimization.
There are no hard and fast rules for limiting or increasing the length of a post. The latest updating of Google Index Algorithm has given rise to a trend of lengthy posts.
The length of a blog post is a crucial SEO technique to be recognized and adhered to. The latest algorithm of Google focuses on larger lengths of posts with original content. The length of a post is best determined by the writing style, audience, and category
The Search Engines have a tendency to look for quality rather than the quantity of the content. Too much content frustrates and bores viewers. The average blog post with 600 to 700 words with originality find the attention of most of the visitors and is SEO savvy. There are diverse views on the ideal length of a blog post. But as a matter of prudence almost all bloggers limit the minimum length of their post at more than 500 words spun in entertaining words.
Design of a blog post length.
It may be as short as 300 to 500 words or as long as more than 1000 words. The length of a blog post varies from the niche on which you are writing a blog.
There are different approaches for different niches of blogs. But most people actually prefer to have a post that goes in depth about a subject under discussion. This enables viewers to scan the post completely and read those parts that appeal them. The value of words is judged by the entertaining words it offers in each paragraph.
The length of a blog post should not compromise with any of the following points
Quality of content that repeats visitors to your blog
Give readers something new and unique but interesting
Write in simple and readable language. Readers like simple and easy style of writing which they can grasp readily without wastage of time.
Provide a link to the connected blogs
Keep short paragraphs with entertaining words.
Decorate your blog with interesting and good images or videos.
Malleable rules
Like any other discipline, blog writing has a few flexible guidelines for writing it in the best possible way. The length of your post is as important as keywords tags and back links. Readers come to blogs as they are readily available online information vehicles. They visit our posts because they are in search of some clue, information or knowledge. The point is keeping our readers woven in the mesh of our blog wordings. Otherwise your blog will lose its identity and readers would isolate you from the blogging community. It is not a blogger but blog readers that give identity to a blog post on Search Engine by reading entertaining words.
Bear in mind that a blog post isn’t an online journal or magazine and viewers are looking for quick information or something that they can browse. If you have an idea you create a topic that you would like to write about.