We all know that a company has both assets and liabilities. The time has come to include corporate wellness as one of the newly coined assets in the corporate balance sheet. 


1. Corporate Wellness Program- A Transaction of Pecuniary Value

The corporate Wellness program is a transaction of pecuniary value intended to lower health care costs for employees and to boost morale of employees in their workplace. Such programs are intended to take care of the health of both companies and the employees. The Companies want to drive maximum out of their employees by helping them to be happy and gain job-satisfaction.

It is closely woven with the lifestyle and job style of employees. Such programs are designed to relieve workers of job stress, mind stress, diet stress, family stress and mind stress.

Corporate wellness is the brain child of many forward thinking corporations who intended to make the work place a more enticing and comforting environment for their employees as well.

2. Tips to design workable corporate wellness program

A company needs to design an appealing corporate wellness program .The design parameters need to take

1. Moods of the employees into consideration.

2. Develop an efficient and scientific communication strategy. Better make communications personally relevant to the employees.

3. Update routinely the knowledge-based program.

4. Add new and innovative components regularly.

5. Offer sponsored team events to turn corporate wellness program into fun.

6. Encourage employee’s participation in adding new modules to the program.

7. Maintain performance appraisals and Offer incentives for completing goals.

8. Offer financial incentives like an additional increment or bonus points to motivate people to participate in these programs.  Try to make them personal and unique.

Lastly, Offer support by readily making available resources, tools, coaches, fitness challenges, social media portals and encouragements by way of gifts or prizes.

3. Ease your workplace tension .scientifically


It has been acknowledged that workplace tension is major and needs a systematic stress reliever. Adopt those stress relieving techniques which can be done while sitting on your table in your office or elsewhere.

Stress is not uncommon or atypical. It is our ever-companion and needs positive management. Human beings react to stress both in a positive and negative direction.  Your heart bounces and your breathing become wilder in anticipation of muscular activity.

Stress is the sense your body encounters as it adapts to ever-changing situations. Remember positive stimulus can fill you with enthusiasm and push you into action or make you feel delighted. 

A negative stress can mar your job, career, health or family life. You need to choose a scientific and proven stress reliever to get rid of stress.

4. Recharge your mind and body

Stress discharges your body and mind; but stress reliever recharges your body and mind. You need to choose natural stress relieving techniques free from additives.

Stress Reliever Tips.

1. Try to sit quietly in your chair

2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your body

3. Listen to the sounds of your body and mind

4. Never get discouraged by distractions.

5. Meditate for 5 minutes only.

6. Breathe silently without making any sound.

.This 5 minute trick will work wonders for relaxing you. It is scientific and supported by researchers.

With 5 minutes stress reliever you can control depression, anxiety, heart problem, blood pressure and other mental disorders.

5. Drain stress by healthy diet.

Develop an appealing but healthy diet plan as stress reliever

1. Maintain a history sheet of all employees.

2. Analyse their mental setup.

3. List their physical ailments.

4. Record their learning aptitude.

5. Add health to their diet.

6. Know their taste and liking.

7.Provide timely but hygienic meals..

Healthy diet and timely exercise play a vital role as a stress reliever at workplace.

These factors are closely linked with the stress and tension parameters of workers at work site. Once these are identified the stress management becomes easy and manageable

6. Get Rid of Workplace tension with Massage

Stress is everywhere and your body muscles are no exception

Massage and water therapies are great stress relievers.

1. Make a habit of drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated. It will shed off harmful bacteria and toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water tends to remove extra sugar.

2. A regular table or chair Massage at your workplace is a stress reliever trick. It is easy and relieves muscle tension instantly.

3. Do self-massage with the essential tools available under wellness program.
Add Ayurveda Massage to its corporate wellness program.

 An Ayurveda Massage therapies works as magical stress relievers.

7. Wash your stress with Yoga.

The yogic exercises are complete stress relievers.

The studies have revealed that the returns on wellness programs have made employees healthy, happy and motivated. The yogic exercises have found preference in the corporate world as an all-inclusive wellness choice, swapping all other health care deals.


A Corporate Yoga Program is one of the most preferred stress relievers in a wellness program.

1. Develop interest in employees to join Yoga classes online.

2. Select a trained yoga instructor

3. Provide online yoga Classes

4. Keep track of employees attending those sessions.

Bear in mind that the corporate Yoga program should be planned to boost well-being for workers’ health, throughput and working.

8. Corporate Wellness certification programs for all.

The health of the employees has gained pivotal figure in the company.

The ever-increasing health insurance premium and the health of workers are becoming very critical to the productivity of any company.

The Corporate Wellness certification programs are now online. These courses offer the tools necessary to carry out successful Corporate Wellness program. They have been designed to enhance productivity by ensuring employees health.

This CWWS certification is available to all who are either interested or employed for implementing worksite wellness programs and other people interested in training and getting certification in Worksite wellness programs. The online sites provide ample material for the purpose .They say simply you have to click here for getting more details on the certification program.

9. Certification programs increase participation.

With the mushrooming of CWWS Certifications the employer must encourage employees to join these programs. Better course is to send individual e-mails to all employees telling them to click here for more details on corporate wellness program.

Let the coaches encourage them to click here approach either to contact an expert or to read the details.

Recently, hundreds of companies in partnership with YMCA have stated offering certifications on wellness at worksite programs. The employer needs to encourage employees to join these courses for improving health and wellness of employees.

Employers have recognised the fact that the key to productivity lies in the wellness of employees.

10. Workers are the fuel of corporate world.

The surveys and researchers have shown that corporate wellness programs reduce costs and improve health of employees.

And advocates of the program say that in addition to saving money of the companies the programs are efficient tools to help employee’s live improved lives. These programs have in many cases saved the lives of employees from dangerous diseases.

The corporate world is fully conscious of the fact that healthier employees will entail reduced healthcare expenses. Moreover, it has the benefit of increasing productivity and efficiency.

The motto of corporate wellness management is improving health of workers and gets increased productivity.


11. Health of workers is wealth of company

Mental stress and health issues are closely linked but to improve health employees need to divulge facts about their health. Usually, employees are secretive about their health issues. The wellness program must include a primary module of complete medical examination of each and every employee once in three months. This will help early detection of any ailment and reduced treatment costs.

Then main issues of wellness program are instruction, awareness and behavioural adjustment. It is better to focus on the issue “how to improve the health of workers at worksite”

Offer financial assistance or other help to relieve workers of mental stress. This will ensure better health and wealth of the company.