Teaching Through Experiences-contd.

Surya took them to a businessman named John merchant who lived in a town in Goa, India. He believed that there was no God Power but money was the only power in this world. He held that even enemies crave for the friendship of moneyed persons. His logic was that Trade &Business is one of the ways that helps a person to mint wealth. Mobilizing all his wares John set out on a day for US in search of markets for his goods. He had invited Surya along with his three students to accompany him on his travel. He began his travel in a Ship along with his pet dog Zinsi, his helper Yogi Surya, Gogi, Goli&Goti. On the way, his pet dog Zinsi collapsed in the middle of the sea with seasickness. But John continued his journey asking Yogi to take carcare of the animal. But the Yogi abandoned the dog soon after John had left. Joining him later, he told him that the dog was dead.Surya told his students to watch all the incidents without any comment.
In fact, Zinsi was not dead. Surya Fed Zinsi with abundant fresh milk, meat and bread on the ship. Zinsi regained strength and began to merrily explore the ship dancing and singing in joy. In the same ship Soniki, the cat was, also, travelling with her Madam Minko .One day when she was drinking milk she heard the barking sound of Zinsi. In panic, the cat withdrew into the lap of her Madam and sat deeply lost in thought .But soon she became friends with Zinsi.Here, Madam Minko had joined hands with with Yogi on the ship to rob John of his wealth. She was lured by the money of Jhon.Oneday,she invited John for dinner in his cabin. Madam Minko had planned to kill John with the help of Yogi&take all his money, gold &diamonds. As soon as John entered her cabin Madam Minko served him with a glass of wine. Both of them were taking sips of wine. Zinsi was told by his friend cat Soniki that Madam Minko had mixed poison in John`s wine glass. Abruptly, Zinsi jumped in that cabin and broke the wine glass of John. Madam Minko was too furious but could not help. Meanwhile, John had left the room but fell down on the floor in the corridor as he had consumed some poison.Surya &his students were watching all the events. He took him to the Dispensary where his stomach was washed & life saved. Zinsi was always there with him. When John regained his consciousness he could not believe seeing Zinsi alive and saving his life.He was ashamed of throwing his faithful pet alone when he fell sick on the ship.Soon Yogi&Madam Minko were arrested by the ship police.
Surya asked Goti,Gogi&amd Goli as to what they learned from this travel on ship.Goli replied”Animals are more faithful&God is great.” Gogi replied”Never leave your pet in distress”.Gogi said”Never loose your friends&never trust strangers”

Reforming by Experiences .

Gogi was the leader of class 2nd of his school . He had 2 brothers & one sister namely Goshi, Goti and Goli. Their father ,a rich businessman, Gautam had a deep worry. All the three kids were fools&full of arrogance.
One day their father, Gautam, called all his friends and relations for consultation. One friend suggested to appoint Surya as the counselling instructor for his children. Surya was known to be a genius in theory and practice of child pscychology .
Acting on the suggestion, Gautam  requested Surya to accept the three children as his students and teach them the ways of the world. Surya however, realised that it was more difficult than he had thought to teach&reform his new students through conventional means.

Therefore he decided to pass on wisdom to them in the form of experiences.